Neptune's Weed

"After 4 years of searching for seaweeds at the Abrolhos Islands I discovered a very unique red seaweed that had the same texture and colour as lollies. I tried countless methods of perfecting the process of growing the seaweed and perfecting the final edible product by not affecting the pristine marine environment it was found. I also keep it unprocessed so you can gain all the cellular structure, vitamins and minerals that are so good for you. 

My good friend is a diabetic and always had to have a bag a lollies with him, this gave me the idea of why not make a healthy lollie that uses the health benefits of seaweed and only natural honey as a sweetener instead of the processed ingredients found in normal lollies. 

My farm at the Abrolhos islands is fully sustainable with solar powered equipment and seaweed all grown from cuttings taken from farmed seaweed, it  also creates a valuable carbon reduction as-well as providing an environment for many sea creatures.

I hope you enjoy Neptune's Weed as seaweed is one of the most nutritious plants on this planet, and even King Neptune would be stoked at the way it protects his ocean world."

~ Ash, Neptune's Weed


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