Blondie Art Print

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Discover the world of gorgeousness that is Kate McKay Art! This stunning collection of artprints & cards are reproduced from Kate's original artworks created with coffee - yes, you read right, COFFEE! 

Meet Blondie.

She is the extrovert of the group, and always the first to put her hand up for a new adventure. Blondie is fierce, loyal, and has a cheeky rebellious streak running straight through her core.

Blondie is brave in the way which she approaches the unfamiliar. She trusts her intuition, and life experience has left her street smart. She is brave, focused, and unapologetic in going after what she wants.

Chances are that if you don’t know Blondie, you know of her. She is a friend to anyone, for as long as they can keep up with her. 

This art print is available in 3 sizes and is printed with archival inks on 300gsm smooth cotton rag paper. 

This item will have shipping costs of $7.50 Australia wide.