Canvast X Marika Day Health Tracker - Blue
Canvast X Marika Day Health Tracker - Blue Canvast X Marika Day Health Tracker - Blue Canvast X Marika Day Health Tracker - Blue Canvast X Marika Day Health Tracker - Blue Canvast X Marika Day Health Tracker - Blue Canvast X Marika Day Health Tracker - Blue Canvast X Marika Day Health Tracker - Blue Canvast X Marika Day Health Tracker - Blue Canvast X Marika Day Health Tracker - Blue

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Do you feel like you’re in a rut, health-wise? Eating habits out of whack? Bloated for reasons you can’t even understand? Tired of feeling low, and want to kick some ass in your fitness and health goals?

Well, we don’t mean to get you all excited or anything, but this health tracker is a game-changer. It was created especially for you; to help you to overcome those feelings of self-doubt, defeat, and utter confusion. You’re about to get to know yourself and your health on a whole new level – and you’re going to L-O-V-E every moment! (#PinkyPromise)

The number one tool that consistently helps people to achieve success is journaling and tracking. Whether you want to reduce IBS symptoms, lose weight, get fit, or feel better about yourself – whatever the goal, monitoring and journaling is the backbone of improvement. This tracker encompasses everything from gut health to mental health, diet and fitness, sleep routines and setting healthy, respectful boundaries – and doesn’t just focus on a number on the scales.

This easy to use (and stylish AF) health tracker is a collaboration between Marika Days years of experience and knowledge as a qualified dietitian and nutritionist and Canvast’s trademark sass and passion for improving women’s lives.

Not only will you be managing and measuring your health goals within these pages, but you’ll also create some seriously good habits and get some damn good wellness #truthbombs, tips, and tricks along the way. This health tracker will help you to identify what you’re doing well, where you can improve, and how, specifically, you can make those improvements. Think of it as having a personal nutritionist in your pocket, ready to dish out advice and guide you on your wellness adventure.

Ready to get on track and manage your health like a boss? Let’s do this.

What’s inside:

* Monthly Sections: Each month, we’ll tackle a different aspect of health, with in-depth info, real-world scenarios, helpful tips and routines. 

* Weekly Focus: each week of the month, you’ll be given a focus goal that’ll allow you to implement your snazzy new knowledge into your daily routine. Each of the weekly focuses are designed to be practical strategies that you can quickly implement into your daily routine because while it’s all well ‘n good to identify the sh*t you need to work on, it’s more important to take ACTION.

* Day to View Pages: This is your space to keep track of various elements of your health and lifestyle, including your daily food intake, symptoms and notes, water intake + daily habits,  stress + anxiety and end of the day reflection prompts. 

* Period Tracker: Keep track of when ‘Aunt Flow’ is in town so you can plan next month’s welcome party in advance. (BYO Tim Tams and hot water bottle).

* Symptoms and Stress Tracker: We use the term ‘symptoms’ regularly throughout this planner, and it’s up to you to decide what those mean to you and your current situation. Is it pain? Fatigue? Bloating? Insomnia? However it applies to you, use this space to monitor your physical and emotional reactions to your lifestyle. It’s a great place to show an overview of your symptoms and what might be causing them (particularly if you’re working with a health professional) 

* Notes Pages: Need a little extra room? We’ve added some notes pages for any extra info, thoughts, plans, late night epiphanies you might have.  It really does have it all!

  • Size: A5 (148mm x 210mm)
  • Elastic strap to close
  • 3 cover colours to choose from: Black, Teal or White 
  • 6 month tracker
  • Foil logo on cover
  • Double ribbon page marker
  • Smooth 120gsm paper
  • Lay flat binding

Haha, if you've got this far - well done! Emma loves a good description and so do we! All I have to add is that the shipping for this little gem of a planner will be $12.00 Australia wide. xx