Clarity Print

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Discover the world of gorgeousness that is Kate McKay Art! This stunning collection of artprints & cards are reproduced from Kate's original artworks created with coffee - yes, you read right, COFFEE! 

Meet Clarity.

She carries a wisdom far beyond her years that makes you question if she may have been here before.

Clarity sees the world from a different view than most and anyone in her presence will immediately feel at ease. Clarity knows your flaws, and loves you more because of them.

When you are in an emotional crisis, Clarity will be the first person you call. Without saying much at all, she will make you feel heard, loved, and optimistic all in one.

Do not mistake a Clarity for being unopinionated; a true Clarity is quietly confident and shows strength in her reserve. 

This art print is available in 3 sizes and is printed with archival inks on 300gsm smooth cotton rag paper. 

This item will have shipping costs of $5.00 Australia wide.