Nightingales & Roses
Nightingales & Roses Nightingales & Roses

Nightingales and Roses offers you a true taste of Persian home cooking with over 100 authentic, seasonal recipes from Persian cook and food blogger, Maryam Sinaiee.

Maryam takes us through a full year in the Persian kitchen, explaining the stories and traditions behind each delicious dish. From Lamb and Aubergine Stew and Baked Fish with Tamarind to Rosewater Ice Cream and Saffron Rice Pudding, Maryam's recipes reveal the diverse range of flavours that make up this unique cuisine. Beautifully photographed throughout, this is the perfect introduction to real Iranian food.

Author: Maryam Sinaiee

336 pages & sized @ 25x19.5x3.5cm.

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