ROSE > YOGA - Unframed Print

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"Meet Rose. She has seven cats. She's also very into Feng Shui. She will only perform her yoga stretches facing South, South East. If she is but one degree off, her entire well-being is thrown out of whack and she has to lay face-down facing North East for five days util the moons re-align. She lives with her sister, Claudia, who has convinced her that 'Peyote' is just an exotic form of wheatgrass. Claudia finds it hilarious to watch the repercussions of Rose's 'wheat grass' smoothies, often resulting in hilarious never-before-seen accidental dance moves."  

A sexy & sporty, smokin hot babe conjured up by the clever Sharma Heylen-Silvia... a high quality giclee print on Innova IFA24 fine art 210 gsm textured paper that is available for pre-order with delivery of approx 4-6weeks.

Sized @ 45x20cm

Sharma is a Geraldton born & bred illustrator and graphic designer who produces her amazing works primarily in watercolours and fine-liners, drawing inspiration from the beautiful things in life, childhood memories and adult daydreams....

To view more of her work, check out her website

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