Serenity Art Print

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Discover the world of gorgeousness that is Kate McKay Art! This stunning collection of artprints & cards are reproduced from Kate's original artworks created with coffee - yes, you read right, COFFEE! 

Meet Serenity.

Serenity is in a world of her own; and it is a lovely place to be. She is calm and comfortable in her own skin.

There isn’t much which get’s under Serenity’s skin. She has an inner peace which allows her to stay level headed through most situations.

Serenity is protective, and can be distrusting of anyone attempting to enter her serene space. She is stronger than she seems, and is not afraid to take a stand for herself and her loved ones.

Her heart is enormous and shared abundantly with her nearest and dearest. Serenity is the calming energy supporting you every step of the way. 

This art print is available in 3 sizes and is printed with archival inks on 300gsm smooth cotton rag paper. 

This item will have shipping costs of $5.00 Australia wide.