Wall Stickers - Lge Copper Dots ~ WAS $49.95 - NOW $29.95
Wall Stickers - Lge Copper Dots ~ WAS $49.95 - NOW $29.95 Wall Stickers - Lge Copper Dots ~ WAS $49.95 - NOW $29.95

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Instantly change up the mood in your living space with these super cool Wall Stickers! Have fun and be adventurous with whole lot of different designs - make a feature wall or a whole room! 

Each pack comes with easy to follow instructions....Easy to apply, the stickers are removable but the more you move them, the less sticky they will become. This product is meant to be used on indoor walls - if you are concerned about your walls, try sticking one on and leaving it overnight - this product can also be used on ceramic, glass or metal surfaces. 

The creators of this cool product -100 PERCENT HEART- are satisfied they have done everything possible to produce a product that isn't going to harm your walls, however since all surfaces are not made the same, they cannot make a 100% guarantee that no damage will occur. Please apply at your own risk.

Things to remember: Your surface needs to be clean and dry 
There is a small chance the stickers may not stick to some matt paints 
Always store stickers in a cool dry place before application 

40 Stickers per pack with each dot sized @7cm D