Sharma Heylen-Silvia

"Hello! My name is Sharma. I'm an Illustrator, Designer and Exhibiting Artist. Raised on the Western Australian coast, I grew up with a love for salt water and colour. After a few years country hopping through Europe, I now reside in the gorgeous city of Utrecht (Netherlands). 

Everything I create is an amalgamation of memories from my childhood and daydreams from my adulthood. Salty afternoons of sandy watermelon consumption at the beach. Barefoot running along the single white line of cool solitude on a hot summer's road. Yearning to be as cool as my Dad. Dreaming of beautiful long-legged babes that I inevitably, live vicariously through. These, are my memories of inspiration.

Today I spend my time surrounded by watercolours and fine-liners, while still partaking in occasional sandy fruits and shoe avoidance."