We can't lie to you and why would we - we love colour! But we also love pattern and personality. And - ahem - food. So read on to find some simple ways to easily decorate the hub of your home and have it looking good enough to eat!

5 Ways To Add Decoration To Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen all substance and no style? You can change that right now!  A kitchen needs to include all the practical necessities, but that doesn’t mean it should be lacking love. Whether you are the original domestic goddess or the world’s worst cook, a few simple kitchen decoration ideas can transform your bland kitchen into a hub of comfort and creativity. 

There’s nothing like a personal touch and some bright pops of colour to improve the appearance of your kitchen. Here are just a few ideas!



1. Add colour.

Create a new colour scheme for your kitchen without lifting a paint brush! Simply add a few themed accessories that catch the eye to lift the overall impression of the space.  Put colourful bowls and platters on display, or choose crates and canisters that double up as practical containers as well as design elements. A kitchen colour scheme can be bold and brash or sweet and homely – or you can mix it up with contrasts.

Tip: Whatever kitchen colour palate you choose, make sure it complements adjoining rooms.



2. Personality and style.

Your kitchen doesn’t have to look like a showroom setting. Add your own personality and style! If you like the vintage look, traditional cottage, modern, retro or eclectic, embrace it and make it your own. You feel more at home in a kitchen that reflects your passions, which means great food and great company are guaranteed.


3. Create a feature.

A striking feature element doesn’t have to be expensive, or even dominate the room. It just has to catch the eye, draw your attention and establish a decorating vibe. Try an oversized clock, a display of gorgeous linens like aprons and tea towels or a bold wooden fruit bowl bursting with fresh produce.






4. Storage meets style.

Typically storage is all about being practical, but contemporary kitchen storage options offer function and flair.  Your jugs and vases, canisters or butter dish can all form part of a mini room makeover, especially if you choose items in unique designs and colours.



5. Inside/outside. 

Make a connection between your kitchen and garden by bringing herb pots and easy-care plants inside. Not only is it handy to have fresh herbs at your fingertips, you can use vibrant pots and vases to enhance your refreshed colour scheme. 





Design trends are constantly changing, but it’s easy to keep your kitchen on trend without major renovations or refurbs.  Keep your kitchen basics in place and update the look with colourful accessories, lush linens or handy storage solutions that make a splash.

Personal style never goes out of fashion. Add a little love to your home with these simple kitchen decoration ideas. By changing just a few items, you can completely alter the look of the room!

Have fun!

Christy xx


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