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Add The Wow Factor To Your Styling With Metallic Home Accessories

Using metallic home accessories is a clever, affordable way of adding drama, style and elegance to your home.  Metallic furnishings and homewares are part of a big recent style trend, but it’s far from new. In ancient Egypt polished metal finishes were used to bring natural light into temples and palaces. The 70s and 80s saw an explosion of shiny brass decor touches, reflecting the affluence and excess of the times.  Metal hues and tones will definitely bring sunshine to your life, too. 

So how can you incorporate this look with the furniture and accessories you already have? Check out these handy tips!


Shiny, happy people 

Metallic home accessories are popular because they manage to add both frivolity and luxury to your decor look.  Depending on how you use them, they can add light, create atmosphere or inspire glamour. Using metallic accessories instead of whole items of furniture is a subtle, cost effective way of adding metal style to your home without going overboard.

If you’re not sure how the trend will suit your home, start by using metallic accessories as accent pieces. If you use them sparingly, they draw attention without being flashy or overpowering. Try a photo frame, clock, vase or basket, in either shiny or weathered metal finishes, to get the look.

Meshing metallics with your current kitchen or living room furniture will add texture and interest to what you already have. Look to add canisters, bowls or trays with metallic finishes for an easy update. To put an original spin on the style, consider using a hue that isn’t as common, like a golden yellow rather than silver or bronze. Using gold coloured switches, candle holders or jewellery stands are just a few simple options to invite warmth into the room.


Metal Heads

There is a whole range of gorgeous style ideas and themes that you can use within your home. You can stick with what you already have and add accent pieces to suit, or you can completely redo the room. Here are a few of the latest metallic design ideas that you’ll just love!

Earthy Style

Keep things understated with matte or textured metals. Pieces with soft finishes like brushed, hammered or rippled effects make great additions to a rustic-looking room. You should also look to combine copper, gold and silver tones, as long as you ensure they’ve got a matte finish. Use muted rugs and pillows with light metallic touches to complete your earthy design.


Glam Style

To create a glam style effect in your home, you’ll want to play up polished surfaces with striking high gloss metals. These draw the eye and bounce natural light around the room. Gold, silver, copper and brass tones will blend nicely if you use objects with sleek lines. If the objects you’re using are more ornate, stick with the one colour. Shiny clocks, bowls and vases are the way to go.





Modern Style

To ensure the style you create is modern, combine matte and shiny finishes. This will produce a look that is fresh, fun and daring. Make sure you stick with lighter colours and clean lines so that the end effect is interesting but not too ‘busy’. Candlesticks, lighting options, vases and wall art can be mixed and matched to create your modern-look room. Metallic Wall Stickers can also add a touch of modern metallic fun as a feature wall. 




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